Minimalist posters by Federico Mancosu

I’ve been so caught up in Signalnoise projects that I haven’t had the opportunity to post some inspiration from around the web, so to get things back on the rails check out these wonderful minimalist movie and music video posters by the talented Federico Mancosu. I can’t even remember how I came across his work, probably one of those late-night link following surf sessions.

I’ve been seeing a lot of minimalist posters popping up over the past little while, and the ones that ring true use a pure notion or idea from the film at hand in a clever way. Federico’s work is certainly effective, even for the movie I don’t really recognize. I also enjoy the effort he puts into the credit text and his film posters, that’s a lot of type editing right there.

Check out more of Federico’s work on his website.






4 responses to “Minimalist posters by Federico Mancosu”

  1. Rupinder Singh Avatar

    Very nice… even I hav also started my personal project called “THE DAY THAT WAS”..

  2. Cameron D Avatar
    Cameron D

    Nice find, these are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Peach Avatar

    These are awesome! I love minimal designs. So much meanings in a such a small components arrangement.

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