Michael Bierut on Clients

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  1. Very cool video, and he is actually funny haha… But he does make some very good points about working with GOOD clients. :) I like

  2. James, thanks for that link. It was a very informative video. Especially the part about how doing bad work for bad clients leads to more bad work from more bad clients. It’s like quicksand.

  3. Not surprisingly, you can swap ‘designer’ with ‘animator’ and ‘client’ with ‘producer’ and everything he says is applicable in the same manner. The relationship between designer and client is very similar to that of the animator and the producer. I’ve often refereed to producers as the necessary evil needed to make production happen. You’d rather they did not be involved in the process, and yet the work wouldn’t even exist without them.

    The best experiences are those few times you work with a producer who you DO see eye-to-eye with and have common creative goals as to how the product needs to be developed and produced. Then you always want to work with that producer on future projects. Just like the tug-of-war between designer and client. It can be very rewarding or very stressful… sometimes even both.

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