Metal weekend in Toronto!

Satan fingers

Tomorrow morning I will be departing Halifax with a small group of other hoodlums for a weekend trip to Toronto. We are making the trek for a very important reason: metal. Me and my friends will be seeing some of our favorite bands all on one ticket . . . Mastodon, Dethklok, Converge and High on Fire. The blog cannot contain my excitement for this stellar line-up.

Most metalheads have a top list of bands they need to see at some point in their life, and this weekend will allow me to mark off the third on mine. Check it out:

1. Tool
2. Queens of the Stone Age
3. Mastodon
4. Iron Maiden

I’m going to be giving out so many ‘satan fingers’ that my hands will surely be sore by Sunday. And speaking of which, the original version of the graphic above was done by Jon “Bean” Hastings, and I thought it an appropriate addition to this post. Gave me a good laugh.

I’ll be unplugged for the trip, so no email for a couple of days. I will however be mooching off my iPhone pals to update my Twitter as much as I can. So until then, stay heavy.






10 responses to “Metal weekend in Toronto!”

  1. Tim Avatar

    \m/ Enjoy the show dude! \m/

  2. Chris Toms Avatar

    Freshtables is tagging along with Signalnoise for the mayhem. :) Looking forward to the show tomorrow night.

  3. Alexander Nedelev Avatar

    I cannot believe your favourite band is tool, actually the only different thing in my favourites is that puscifer is on the second place :P

  4. Ryan Avatar

    I hope you ladies have fun. Make sure to buy some merch. Converge would be right at the top of my list.

    No face or throat tattoos though. Your moms will cry.

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  7. Nick Avatar

    Nick Flynn here, from Cape Breton; I’ll be up next week for Lamb of God, so we may perhaps have to hang out and have another metal chat.

    PS- I’m epicly jealous- I’ve become more or less Converge-obsessed, lol .

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  9. darcy Avatar

    back when i was growing up that sign meant love.. and peace too :/

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