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  1. My housemates and I spent so many hours throughout university re-watching this movie. Fantastic poster, really love the colours. Nice work again James.

  2. Loving it. I’ve got an early start Tuesday, but if I can make it, i’ll be heading there to pick one up.

  3. Looks like the silhouette character approach fits well that new style of yours James. Nice play of the city skyline vs. the teeth of the skull too.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, gang. This was certainly a challenge in creating a poster that doesn’t play on likenesses, rather characters “represented” in different ways. Lots of fun.

  5. Great poster, James! If the green is the “Castle Greyskull” variant, the final, purple one must be the “Panthor” variant?

    By the way, I was a huge Masters of the Universe fan as a kid, but amazingly enough, I never saw the live action film. It’s worth a view, eh?

  6. Great as always dude. Well done! Tough call on the colour front. Think your right going with the purple one though, it appears to have a better fit (for me anyway) as it seems to adds an element of mystery to it. Love it!!

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