Here is the first poster created for the Prince Charles Cinema in London. One of my favorite childhood movies, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE will be playing at the cinema this coming Monday so be sure to check their schedule to see this sucker on the big screen. It’s on a double-bill with CYBORG too. Wish I could be there.

I had a great time on this one, creating something more stripped down and stylized as compared the the “likeness heavy” posters I’ve been doing. The influence for this one came right from early STAR WARS posters, depicting a heavily silhouetted character. Maybe channeling a bit of Olly Moss in there too.  I wanted He-man to resemble Dolph Lundgren from the live-action film, but posed exactly like the He-man from the cartoon. I also wanted Skeletor to double as Castle Grayskull in the background, again a reference to the cartoon. I love the live-action film but it really missed a few of those nice cartoon cues.

Since the show at the PCC is in 3 days, we’re as yet unsure about the printing of this one. But I assure you we are on the case to get things sorted out. I’d love to have a screenprinted copy of this one and already have some variant ideas in the works.

“By the power of Grayskull!”






13 responses to “MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE poster”

  1. Mister Mageeyagi Avatar
    Mister Mageeyagi

    Oh man, holy heck yes.

  2. Andy Fox Avatar

    My housemates and I spent so many hours throughout university re-watching this movie. Fantastic poster, really love the colours. Nice work again James.

  3. Leukocyt Avatar

    A good one. Really like the blackberry-vanilla ice cream colour scheme ;)

  4. Matt Quirk Avatar

    I want this on my wall pronto! I wish more cinemas around here did nostalgic showings. Great work!

  5. LucasG_Once Avatar


  6. James Massey Avatar
    James Massey

    Loving it. I’ve got an early start Tuesday, but if I can make it, i’ll be heading there to pick one up.

  7. Simon H. Avatar

    Looks like the silhouette character approach fits well that new style of yours James. Nice play of the city skyline vs. the teeth of the skull too.

  8. james Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words, gang. This was certainly a challenge in creating a poster that doesn’t play on likenesses, rather characters “represented” in different ways. Lots of fun.

  9. Ron Avatar

    Great work. Completely unrelated: Have you checked out Chromeography? A website featuring the lettering, logos, and ornaments adorning old automobiles, pretty neat.

  10. Christopher Dean Avatar

    What? Didn’t I tell you Adrian Frutiger is the *real* master of Univers?


  11. Dave Hardy Avatar

    Great poster, James! If the green is the “Castle Greyskull” variant, the final, purple one must be the “Panthor” variant?

    By the way, I was a huge Masters of the Universe fan as a kid, but amazingly enough, I never saw the live action film. It’s worth a view, eh?

  12. Barely Original Avatar
    Barely Original

    Great as always dude. Well done! Tough call on the colour front. Think your right going with the purple one though, it appears to have a better fit (for me anyway) as it seems to adds an element of mystery to it. Love it!!

  13. Bryan Avatar

    Nice! This is the first movie I ever saw in a theater!

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