Masters of the Universe paintings

I’ve said quite a few times that if you weren’t a kid in the 1980s, you really missed out on some great toy action. I was big into the Masters of the Universe back in the early 80s, and every Christmas seemed to be littered with new and colorful He-man figures (thanks mom and dad!). I remember getting He-man, Battlecat, Skeletor and Panthor the same year. So amazing.

Here are a bunch of Masters of he Universe paintings from back in the day displaying a myriad of characters, weapons and vehicles. I’m not entirely sure what these were used for, probably promotion of some sort. So many memories, I loved this series.

Thanks to this post at Monster Brains for the excellent shots.






10 responses to “Masters of the Universe paintings”

  1. Mike Puglielli Avatar

    The big posters are pretty epic. Loved the cartoon.

  2. Janes Oosthuizen Avatar

    Aaah Man! This was JUST before me but I caught a bit of it. I still watched the movie etc though. My brother also had a whole bunch of figure that my uncle brought from the UK. I remember him having a skeletor with a chest that gets dented when you hit him. He that castle rock type of thing aswell….

    I really miss the old style cartoons, Thundercats, Masters of the Universe, Bravvstar… good times!!

  3. Matt Ward Avatar

    Awesome! This was also totally my favorite series as a kid. Totally remember running around the house with my invisible sword yelling “By the Power of Greyskull!”

  4. Timthing Avatar

    Oh man these guys were awesome! I can remember having those figures you could smash, then some part flipped and it looked like a real ditch. Can’t remember where I left them though…

  5. mandarine_one Avatar

    Aw, man. Being a Kid at that time was so great. I got a lot of He-Man Figures from my Uncle. He had that big Spider-Vehicle for Skeletor.

  6. Adam Avatar

    Wicked, I had a couple of those as place mats, as well I had the magazines, they rocked..

  7. Matt Avatar

    The Cringer / Battlecat toy was one of my favs as a kid – amazing artwork to boot.

  8. Jose luis Ramirez Avatar

    Awesome! one my professors at the art institute created this logo!! he was an airbrush master!

  9. Wes Moore Avatar
    Wes Moore

    Awesome. I find it conveniently odd that Orko is not in any of those (except for one, can you find him?), yet another 80’s ‘sidekick comedy’ character created just for the sake of the cartoons (reminds of the Wonder Twins from Super Friends.)

    And speaking of Skeletor, ever wonder what he’s up to nowadays?

  10. ToonJukka Avatar

    @Wes Moore
    I find it conveniently odd that Orko is not in any of those (except for one, can you find him?)”

    – What are you talking about? From those top four montage-posters featuring a myriad of characters, Orko can be found on two of them.

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