Master Control Program: 2






6 responses to “Master Control Program: 2”

  1. Doug Vander Meulen Avatar

    These are pretty sweet. I think you should make a panorama with all these numbers. It would make a sweet poster or a border for a futuristic baby room.

  2. Chad Engle Avatar

    Sweet looking poster James! Love the layered textures and colors. Nice work.

  3. Reilly Newman Avatar

    Reilly Likey!
    One more!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see the last ONE!

  4. kay486 Avatar

    This one is the best so far!

  5. Luke Desroches Avatar

    Ohh, this one is hot. Really digging that orange/yellow you got going on.

  6. kay486 Avatar

    Im going to cinema to see tron now!!!

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