MarsUnited prints by Andy Rohr

Now we’re talkin’. Check out these art prints created by Chicago’s own Andy Rohr. This is the kind of personal project I really enjoy, Andy invented an “airline” called MarsUnited then proceeded to create some cool travel posters for it. 100% homegrown for the fun of it. You can’t beat that. Well done, Andy.

You can check out his diverse portfolio, or swing over to his shop where these posters are available to purchase. Big thanks to my pal Ron Doucet for the heads up on Andy’s work!






6 responses to “MarsUnited prints by Andy Rohr”

  1. Simon H. Avatar

    This is badass.

  2. GuiHarrison Avatar

    Oh my god the last one is so raaaad, oh man!

  3. davevsdave Avatar

    Awesome. Beautifully combines my two favorite things… space & art.

  4. Dave Avatar

    Wow. These are great! I agree with @davevsdave… you can’t go wrong when you combine space & art.

  5. JenD Avatar

    Brilliant. You have inspired me. I love it.

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