‘Man with No Name’ illustration

Man with No Name illustration

Here are my clean vectors beside the Photoshop texture work.
Here are my clean vectors beside the Photoshop texture work.

I’ve been consciously putting off doing a “person” piece in this new style, focusing more on boxy shapes, robots and characters. But after doing the DRIVE illustration that featured a human hand, I decided it was time to tackle a face. Even bigger than that, capturing likeness. Yikes. In a low-poly, painterly style? Yeah right. So last night I found some photos refs and dove in.

Seen here is my illustration of good ‘ol Clint in his classic role of the ‘Man with No Name’. Lots of trial and error in this one as I built all the shapes and shading, even brought a bit of Picasso’s Cubism into the fold (unintentionally). Still in the experimental phase of this illustration stuff, but it’s getting somewhere interesting.

This one is for my Dad who loves a good western.






2 responses to “‘Man with No Name’ illustration”

  1. brian Avatar

    almost looks like you used something like DMesh Pro. Have you heard of that app? Check it out it’s pretty cool. http://dmesh.thedofl.com/

  2. Dave Behm Avatar

    Great technique! It is amazing how you keep reinventing yourself. I can totally see all of these in a book of some sort, or maybe a unique set of Gum Cards.

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