Magic Pony in Toronto

Magic Pony

Magic Pony

Magic Pony

I have been checking out Magic Pony online for a few years now and finally got the chance to drop into their shop when I was in Toronto last week. Being from Halifax I have very limited access to hip designer toys and books, so it was quite a thrill to see what Magic Pony had in stock. All kinds of Kid Robot, Gama-Go, Tokidoki, etc. I was stoked to see some Droplets by Gav Strange on-hand as well.

Not only is the place a wonderful shop, but the entire back portion is an area to hold art shows.

Above is a shot of the few toy purchases I made, as I had to make great effort not to buy everything they had :) Shown are JamFactory’s Droplet, one of Pete Fowler’s Monsterism figures, a Gama-Go Yeti Qee and a blank Munny (oh, the possibilities there).

If you have the means I highly recommend dropping into Magic Pony, 694 Queen St. West in Toronto. And the staff are a super-friendly bunch.






5 responses to “Magic Pony in Toronto”

  1. SL05NED Avatar

    Looks pretty cute >.<
    I like the white figure

  2. Mike Cazhole Avatar
    Mike Cazhole

    I bought that Yeti in Seoul! Awesome stuff.

  3. Ben Avatar

    Blank Munny’s are also available at Strange Adventures . . . just sayin’ . . .

  4. David Sparks Avatar

    Lookin forward to seeing what you do with the munny. My fav toy, even named my dog Munny.

  5. james Avatar

    Cazhole, nice! I had to buy the little bugger when I happened upon him. He is the dope noise.

    Ben, I didn’t know that. There goes my next 3 paychecks.

    David, I’m stoked to get to work on it. Starting to look into what materials to use now as I’m a total rookie at designing Kid Robots wares. I’ll be sure to snap some shots once I get going.

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