Mads Berg Illustration

Mads Berg

Mads Berg

Mads Berg

Mads Berg

Mads Berg

Mads Berg

Mads Berg

File this one under ‘new favorite illustrator‘.

I can’t say enough good things about the work of Mads Berg. With a vintage travel poster and art deco flavor mixed with some Picasso and Bauhaus on the side, Mads creates a wonderful posters and illustrations with simple shapes and elegant typography. I’ve never described color palettes as ‘tasty’ before, but it fits his work perfectly. Killer stuff.

The samples I pulled from his website are the tip of the iceberg (or madsberg, heh heh). Be sure to flip through his extensive portfolio, you won’t be sorry.






7 responses to “Mads Berg Illustration”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Great stuff, I love the style. I would totally hang some of those up at home.

  2. Theo Avatar

    He is absolutely one of my favorite illustrators around! His style is simply awesome.

  3. J. Roveda Jr. Avatar
    J. Roveda Jr.

    Reminds me – somehow – of old russian posters updated to today’s look and feel. Absolutely great!

  4. Jesse M Avatar

    EXTREMELY influenced by A.M. Cassandre. Did nobody else notice this? Not a criticism, of course… Cassandre is a brilliant illustrator, and for someone else to be able to channel the same magic that made his work so fantastic… hey, I’ll take it.

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