Lynda Creative Spark documentary!

This is a big deal, gang. Still can’t really believe this happened.

A little while back the mighty sent a film crew to parachute into Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to shoot a documentary on me and my work. We got to the bottom of some heavy issues, talked about growing up, discussed a pile of art and played with some toys. We hung out in my home studio and even ventured them around my hometown a bit to show them some Dartmouth sights.

Absolutely thrilled that Lynda, one of the biggest damn names in our industry, came to my little town to hang out. You can watch the FULL DOCUMENTARY via the Vimeo movie above. Enjoy!






8 responses to “Lynda Creative Spark documentary!”

  1. Lucas Tetrault Avatar

    Amazing! What a wonderful adventure to add to the list of awesome things that you’ve accomplished in your journey! You are an excellent inspiration to a lot of visual designers/graphic designers/artists out there and this piece shows why! Kudos to you.

  2. Chris Spooner Avatar

    I enjoyed every second, brilliant feature!

  3. Chris Porter Avatar

    This is definitely a dope documentary. Inspires me to create more than normal client work. Thank you!

  4. Chad Mueller Avatar

    Nice job James – you are moving leaps and bounds man… Good for you!

  5. adolf witzeling Avatar
    adolf witzeling

    Wow, this is inspiring!!

  6. John Lee Avatar
    John Lee

    This is awesome, James!! Epic.

  7. Daniel Avatar

    A really great interview!

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