LOST sketches by J. Scott Campbell

Here is another LOST treat for all you like-minded fans out there. These amazing caricatures were created by famed comic book illustrator J. Scott Campbell.

It’s great to see Campbell blowing out such nice sketches for my favorite show because I was a fan of his from waaaay back when he cut his teeth with Wildstorm Comics, laying down his bouncy pencils for Gen13 in the early 90s. I always enjoyed his playful style and he draws some hilariously sexy cartoon ladies, as seen in his Danger Girl series.

But just look at the incredible likenesses he captures in these drawings. I mean, check Sayid! You cannot get any closer then that, perfect expression. My pal Dave described Campbell as being “the new Mort Drucker, and that’s a pretty accurate thought. I’d love to see Campbell do more caricature work, man he’s good at it.

Check out J. Scott Campbell’s Facebook page for more of his LOST updates, as well as his DeviantArt.






10 responses to “LOST sketches by J. Scott Campbell”

  1. Chad Mueller Avatar

    I am loving these, and I am loving how so many artists and designers are starting to show off their love for the show.

    Ben is classic, Richard looks kick ass, I mean they all look great…

  2. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    the eyeliner for Richard, that’s hilarious. The lady and I always debate whether he’s wearing eyeliner, if it’s tattooed on, or if it’s just something natural on his face??

    but weird man-liner aside. Great illustrations :P all spot on

  3. gus Avatar

    I HATE LOST, but Campbell’s sketches are awesome :O!!!

  4. Chris Collins Avatar

    The likeness is spectacular.

  5. Richard Avatar

    Campbell actually began as a caricature artist, before he started up with Wildstorm in the mid-90’s.
    I wouldn’t rate him with Drucker, but some of these are pretty damn good.

  6. Web, Email, Logo Design | BrandleDesign Avatar

    What a great time to check out some LOST caricatures! Still trying to absorb the finale from last night…

    These really are some great sketches. Campbell captured the characters expressions beautifully.

    Love the eyeliner!


  7. LambChop Avatar

    Hey!! No Juliet!!!!!! What gives?

  8. Erika Avatar

    Fantastic! Please do more!!!

  9. Xawil Avatar

    Simply Awesome! I’d love to get a t-shirt of Hugo or Desmond… Congratulation Scott… Excellent work.

  10. tani santos Avatar
    tani santos

    great as mort drucker. MADly in love with the art style.

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