‘Lost’ posters by Ty Mattson

Ty Mattson

Ty Mattson

Ty Mattson

Ty Mattson

Ty Mattson

Ty Mattson

Ty Mattson

Ty Mattson

It’s time to get the inspiration posts going on the blog again after a short interlude while I dealt with the Haiti donations last week.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Lost, and I featured some excellent Lost-inspired artwork a few weeks ago. And now I’d like to showcase these beautiful posters designed by the talented and diverse Ty Mattson. According to his blog, he sat down to design an invitation to his ‘Lost premiere’ gathering, and had so many ideas that he ended up with these 8 cool posters. Well done.

I see some Bauhaus in there, a bit of Saul Bass, some 50s sci-fi. Fantastic work all around, I’d love to have a copy of that Locke design.

Swing over to Mattson Creative for more of Ty’s work.






9 responses to “‘Lost’ posters by Ty Mattson”

  1. Dan B. Lee Avatar

    Great post. Great artwork. As an avid Lost fan it took me a few seconds to get a few of them, like the arm and the tower, the VW’s. But they all look really neat.

  2. Spore* Avatar

    Great pieces. Agree on wanting that first one, it rules!

  3. Krystal Avatar

    Ty Mattson is amazing!

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