Long live Kaliber10000

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  1. Amen to that… I also cut me teeth on the web back in 98/99, and k10k was the site I was checking every week. Back then it still seemed really fresh and new to be able to contact and interact with people all over the world, but seeing all the different styles and experiments being produced was really inspirational. I even had a subscription to MoodStats for a while.

    What k10k and similar introduced me to was the sense of craft in designing for the web. I think the pixelated style they were so well known for was a reflection of the joy to be found in creating something literally pixel-perfect. I guess there was a similar ethos in the old 5k competition too.

    Other sites we have lost… PixelSurgeon, NewsToday

  2. I remember getting on their Favorites List back in the 90’s and thought I was the shit!! That site was great! Always loved the design.

  3. I was a K10K junkie. I practically wet myself when they included my link as well as several of my desktop backgrounds in on display. Loved em from the very beginning. They along with DesignIsKinky and Par… holy crap it brings back memories. Thanks for this!

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