Logos from the 50s – 70s

Some beautiful and elegant logos plucked from this MCM Logos Flickr set. In the words of the person who compiled these:

“Logos from the from the 1950s to early 1970s excavated from various design publications. Check back, I’m always adding to the collection.”

Keep learning from the masters, man. So much great decisions in there. Check out the entire collection, you won’t be sorry. And thanks to the always awesome Veerle Pieters for the heads up on these.






4 responses to “Logos from the 50s – 70s”

  1. Sam Jones Avatar

    Thanks for sharing, James, some real gems in this collection.

  2. Jacob Miller Avatar
    Jacob Miller

    I love the Bear on the top. I am just a Bear person. Stole my heart right away.

  3. Dave Avatar

    I love that most of these were hand-drawn (at least I assume that’s the case). You can see slight imperfections (lines that don’t quite line up, curved edges that aren’t perfectly parallel), but it doesn’t change the strength of the designs. The lesson for me, here? Lay off the perfectionism!

  4. Josh Alexander Avatar
    Josh Alexander

    Where can you get a logo?

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