Logos for friends

Since moving to Signalnoise full time, I’ve had a bit of extra time to develop logos for friends. All of the designs seen here were made for good buddies of mine here in Halifax in order to help them develop their various projects and businesses. Being a designer in the group, I feel a bit of responsibility to ensure all my pals look good.

And yes, that guy at the top is indeed a little poop, which was designed for a friend’s website. Then we have the Freshtables logo, the robot is for my pal Ian “Jerko” Cann, my pal Ian Fraser opened a new record store here in Halifax called Obsolete Records, and my buddy Dave is writing and illustrating a graphic novel inspired by ’80s wrestling entitled Slam-a-rama.

And speaking of friends, here’s a couple of them now. Jerko and Ben hanging out in the studio.







3 responses to “Logos for friends”

  1. Design Informer Avatar

    Awesome Job James!

  2. Corinne Avatar

    I love the variety of logos.

  3. João Pedro Pereira Avatar

    Very good logos ;). I just don’t like the last one “SlamArama”…

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