Logo for ‘Roller Town’

I was asked by Halifax director Andrew Bush to create the logo for his upcoming film, Roller Town. After watching the trailer and seeing some recognizable Halifax actors and comedians starring in a parody of 1970’s roller skating culture, how could I say no? The logo is a shined up version of the old Roller Boogie logo from the 70s. Had lots of fun on this one.

The logo isn’t in there yet, but I highly recommend checking out the trailer. It had me laughing my ass off. Halifax might be a small city but we sure have a lot of diverse talent here:






8 responses to “Logo for ‘Roller Town’”

  1. Jeremiah Ragsdale Avatar

    That’s freaking hilarious.

  2. Richie Avatar

    OMG… Its like a blast from the past…. you bring back retro memories, James!! ….. Great!!

  3. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    I don’t know, the trailer says a MacQuarrie did the Roller Town logo, ha ha.

  4. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Oh ya that’s Cory from Trailer Park Boys at the end. I just checked the credits to confirm, sweeeeeet. I hope they catch the funding they need.

  5. Pablo Avatar

    Nice job, the logo looks pretty sweet! what I think I recognize this typeface from other work you have done no? what is it?

  6. james Avatar

    Mat, yep that’s Cory Bowles from Trailer Park Boys. I actually know him from my hometown of Truro. Great guy.

    Pablo, the typeface is called Agostina and I used an edited version for my Signalnoise logo.

  7. Kloud Avatar

    MAAAAAN, LMAO!!!!! Dat was sick, lol!

  8. Tim Gengler Avatar

    You’ve really perfected this style, and it seems dead-on for the film. Excellent work as usual, sir!

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