Little James’ sticker book

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  1. Some fabulous stickers in there James. I’ve a huge collection of Pannini Football (Soccer, that is, not North American HandEgg!) and WWF cards, I’ll need to dig them out.

    I remember trading nearly every duplicate sticker I had plus REAL money for a foil Celtic badge to complete a sticker book one year!

    Completing a book was so sterile – like a colouring book – but your spare stickers just got plastered everywhere. Looking at these sticker books is like a visual “meta tag cloud” for your childhood!

  2. Kev, “visual meta tag cloud for your childhood” is a wonderful analogy. Nicely done.

    Parker, that would be my mom :) She gave me a bunch of leftover mailing labels because she thought I’d like the animals. She was right.

  3. Haha dude that is awesome! I recently found my old sticker book from years back; what a blast to go through it again. Oddly enough I had pretty much the same stickers as you did! Garbage Pail Kids, Hostess Wrestling and Music stickers.. classic! Thanks for the blast from the past! :)

  4. Wow, that’s amazing. My sisters and I had a sticker book too, and some of those look awfully familiar. My favourite was a puffy, scratch-and-sniff dill pickle; man that thing was magical to me as a kid.

  5. if only i could find my childhood sticker book. i loved that thing. thanks for sharing!!

  6. This is so fantastic :) I remember quite a few of these also. Mr. T kind of guy, eh? I was all about Murdoch myself.

    And I don’t think you were all about hearts… rainbows were the huge thing (though for a guy, perhaps rainbows and heart rank equally?).

  7. Ah you can’t say this is not art or inspiration, it tells so much about where your work really does come from. And I mean that as a compliment!

    Great post James!!

  8. Those rock n roll stickers (Van Halen, Scandal, etc.) came in bags of Hostess chips, did they not? I think I actually had every one stuck on the mirror in my bedroom growing up. Also, nice yellow pants, Han Solo (in the first batch).

  9. Dave, you know it. All of the rock stickers and WWF stickers came from Hostess chips. Ever get a bag that had 10 stickers in it? To a kid that was like discovering a treasure chest and Robocop is inside.

  10. Tight! I remember collecting stickers when I was a kid. We must be about the same age, because I have a whole bunch of the same stickers as you.

  11. I miss my sticker collection now! Thanks. Puffy ones were the best but pretty hard to unstick!

  12. i have both full sets of the wrestling stickers and to full sets of the music stickers even have the 3 munchie guys on one they look like zz top one on the drums and two playing the guitar , are they worth anything?

  13. man, you and i had a lot of the same stickers. mine was more garbage pail kids and hostess wrestler-heavy, though.

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