Little FITC update

FITC Toronto

It had been my original intention to update the blog on a day-by-day basis as I whipped around the FITC Toronto events, but I discovered quickly that my downtime was going to be very small. I had minutes between events, meals and parties so the time spent on the web was just enough to make quick Twitter blasts every so often. If only I had an iPhone to be better connected, everyone else seems to have one :)

This being the case, I’ll be posting a big sum-up once I get home on all of the awesome stories and fantastic people I met along the way. A huge pleasure meeting all of you.

I’m currently in the hotel lobby waiting to check-out, so more to come once I’m back in Halifax. Thanks for everything, Toronto!






2 responses to “Little FITC update”

  1. Marvin Avatar

    No iPhone? What kind of phone do you have? It *has* to be something interesting…

  2. Cath_T Avatar

    Haha, Marvin, do you think there is no good phones except iPhone? IPhone sucks really much.
    James, you’re lucky about this little trip. I wait for stories:)

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