Let’s talk about Clients

Signalnoise Broadcast 16 will be going live later today at 3pm EST and I wanted to make this episode topic-specific, so this time around let’s talk about clients and client-based work.

I consistently get asked about client work during my broadcasts and via emails, and it’s an extremely broad subject given the kind of work, processes, goals, deadlines and all the other things that influence the job at hand. I’m a strong advocate of pursuing personal projects that express and define your own ideas, but few of us can attain our personal goals without the help of client work along the way. We have all had our ups and downs as we find our way through the creative industry, and it’s up to each of us to learn as we go since we are all on our own career paths.

But, we have all encountered similarities along the way, little things that will help us out in the future, to properly gauge where a client is with their creative input, how we can help, and what problems could potentially arise.

So, tune in today at 3pm EST for Signalnoise Broadcast 16 and let’s talk about clients.






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