Lego photos by Mike Stimpson

Lego photos by Mike Stimpson

Lego photos by Mike Stimpson

Lego photos by Mike Stimpson

Lego photos by Mike Stimpson

I’m a big fan of Lego, and I’m an even bigger fan of people using the toys for creative means. People use Lego to make intricate sculptures and pixel-esque portraits, but Mike Stimpson is raising the bar. A gifted photographer, Mike uses Lego characters and props to build sets for his own work, as well as re-constructing famous scenes and portraits from history.

I selected a few of my favorites for this post, love that Imperial Walker shot in particular, but you can see many more at Mike’s Flickr stream. You can even purchase his prints over at RedBubble.






4 responses to “Lego photos by Mike Stimpson”

  1. Melody Avatar

    LOVE his flickr stream. Amazing.

  2. Taylor Avatar

    My family is absolutely about all things lego starwars

    We’ve got the block theme sets, xbox games, and anything else they put out.

    Everyone is going to get a kick out of these pics

    thanks for putting these up

  3. Shane Avatar

    Great photos, as a photographer I had never thought of taking pictures of lego or other toys, but I can see this would be a cool thing to do with my young son and his toys!

  4. Susie Avatar

    I also agree this is a new line of photography. The question is, can you make any money at it, or is it just a hobby? I have to confess that I have watched a fair number of lego movies on youtube as well. Quite entertaining.

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