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  1. Ohhhhnoooo! I’m so sorry James. RIP good fish Leaf. U are swimming in the big sea of fishie spirits now.

  2. Malawi fishes are awesome. I used to have an aquarium with malawi cichlids. I’m sorry you lost your friend.

    Go listen to ‘Qotsa – Long Slow Goodbye’, it heals.

  3. Wow, 10 years. I had cichlids back in college… loved them. Easier than a dog and better than a cat.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I’m going to miss the little guy, he was a good roommate and lived in 4 apartments with me.

  5. Alas, poor Leaf! I knew him as a little fry, and knew his parents so well… So sorry Jim! He was a remarkable and determined little guy…

  6. As the guy who gave Leaf up for adoption, I too am sad. Thanks for taking care of him so well for all these years.

  7. Yes, 10 years is a long time!
    I have two of this, can you please tell me wath species is? ( the cientific name)

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