La Femme

La Femme: James White

This piece is based on the 1978 poster entitled La Femme est l’avenir de l’europe by Roman Cieslewicz. I was so intrigued by Cieslewicz’s use of bold colored lines on rough photography that I wanted to pay homage to his style, while attempting to make the piece my own.

This was a very tricky process to get the lines moving in the proper direction and involved a lot of Photoshop painting to get the proper color effect.

You can check out the original piece here in Alk1’s Flickr set.






7 responses to “La Femme”

  1. Isaac Roethe Avatar

    A color-lover and fan of minimalism, I’m really enjoying each new iteration of this current line of work/thinking. Very inspiring, thanks.

  2. Sergio Avatar

    Hi from Mexico.

    Have you seen this?:

    Congrat. Your work it’s so powerful. I love the DaftPunk’s poster. hehe!

  3. Martin Avatar

    Hey check this German Review: :)


  4. Peter Avatar

    James, did you ever see the music video to DVNO by Justice? You should check it out. It looks just like your stuff, but animated:

  5. lau Avatar

    just remember this now
    Perfect soundtrack for this poster :
    Band : Pepe deluxe
    Title : la femme
    you can hear this song there (track 7): (sorry bad quality)

  6. […] client liked my La Femme piece, so this image is based on the visual style used […]

  7. stydriberee Avatar

    It’s really well done! Respect to author.

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