La Femme, Varo hybrid

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  1. And it works quite well doesn’t it. It does begin to look a bit like a movie poster though with the face and the evil looming space ship. But I like that sort of thing ;).
    I really like how you are able to have a retro style that is also futurist and positive. Nothing at all like Brazil or Blade Runner, much more Minority Report in atmosphere.
    Speaking of movies I think you would like the end credits of Iron Man a lot. I will leave the rest of the movie up to your discretion though!

  2. Thanks Scott, I’m a big fan of the design behind Minority Report. I think it’s much more difficult to design a positive advanced future then the alternative, the post apocalyptic broken society. Glad you mentioned that :)

    I’ll be seeing Iron Man real soon, I’ll watch for those credits.

  3. Hello You must saw poster of pole Roman Cieslewicz “la femme est l’avenir de l’europe” (on flickr: ) And I have one queastion: You are one of the best “electro-light” graphic at the world (for me, next to hejz) so why you mast copy works?? You can’t create new idea?? Please, give me answer.
    …and now, Cheers
    from Poland, Petr

  4. Thanks Petr. If you look at the original post for my La Femme piece, I explain my inspiration which is indeed the Cieslewicz poster. I included the same link you posted…

    I liked the original so much I thought it would be fun to re-create it with the tools and techniques I’ve been developing.

  5. And what a beautiful end result! I wonder which you prefer, the two separate originals or the hybrid?
    I love the atmosphere in this one, it’s brilliant!

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