La Boca Design

Related to the previous post about the Black Swan posters, I’d now like to feature the studio that created them, London UK-based La Boca Design. I had to do a bit of online research to find out who designed those posters, but am very happy to have come across La Boca.

The images I plucked are primarily their CD work, full of vibrant colors and wonderful vintage illustration. I’ve seen a few of these sporadically online over the past while, and it’s always nice to find the people responsible. While their overall designs may be simplistic, the troops over at La Boca use wonderful shading and texture work to add nice depth to their work.

Swing over to La Boca Design to see their full portfolio.






2 responses to “La Boca Design”

  1. Riotmateria Avatar

    These are amazing! The “shout out out out” illustration reminds me a lot of Terry Gilliam. I really like the surreal camera/eye images too! I’m so glad you’v found these!

  2. solemone Avatar

    Amazing works. Awesome colors and a great retro style.

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