KRUSTY (Onsale Info)

KRUSTY by James White

KRUSTY by James White

Excited to reveal my piece for the ‘Last Exit to Springfield‘ art show at The Dart Gallery opening Friday, August 15.

I was super on the fence about my submission from the very start, since I haven’t been a giant fan of The Simpsons since the mid-90s… but I happened upon this fun idea while doodling one night and had to see it through. A keen eye would spot the obvious Milton Glaser spoof, which I thought fit pretty nicely with Krusty and his lengthy “career”. Without further babble, here are the art show and onsale details…


Opening reception: Friday, August 15, 2014 (Facebook Event)
Where: The Dart Gallery, 127A Portland Street, Dartmouth NS

Size: 18×24, Giclee print
Edition: 20
Printed By: Static Medium, Los Angeles
Paper Type: Museo Textured Rag 285 gsm


Any prints that don’t sell at the opening reception will be sold online through the gallery on Monday, August 18. I’ll be sure to update this post and my Twitter with the link once they’re live. If you happen to miss out, I will have my personal APs for sale once the show closes, so there will be a couple of chances to snag this one.






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