Jay and Silent Bob Get Old: Canadian Tour poster

Last month we in Halifax had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Smith speak live. Being that we are a small city, this event was a very rare occurrence and we were all thrilled to see the big man show up, tell stories and have some laughs. It was a great evening, and Kevin said that he would be back “real soon” with some friends in tow.

Not only did he keep his word, but he is coming back just over a month later with Jason Mewes for his Jay and Silent Bob Get Old Canadian tour. Needless to say, I snapped up my tickets real quick and am stoked to see Kevin speak once again.

He put out on his Twitter a little while ago that he was looking for a Canadian artist to design the tour poster. Being a long time fan of the guy, I had to give it a shot. That’s my poster above. Me and my pal Jerko used to watch the hell out of the CLERKS Animated Series back in the day, and I always liked the character designs from the show. My Jay and Bob are influenced by that style, with my own interpretation thrown into the mix.

Here are a few scans of doodles before I jumped into Illustrator. As you can tell by the characters, the original concept was more “badass”.

Fingers crossed, lets see if Kevin digs this.






18 responses to “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old: Canadian Tour poster”

  1. Anthony Bonang Avatar
    Anthony Bonang

    Great poster James… You need these ones printed like the Drive poster.

  2. Alice Avatar

    Sent here from from Twitter, via the man himself! Awesome job!
    Also going to the Halifax show, after missing the first one! So excited!

  3. Jen K Avatar

    Brilliant. You never cease to amaze me with your designs. I hope that Kevin ends up selecting yours to use to promote the tour.

  4. paul Avatar

    Fantastic job, buddy. Love the color study image…inspiration right there.

  5. Chris Avatar

    Great poster, not a fan of the hands tho

  6. james Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    Chris, me either. I rebuilt them from scratch.

  7. Luke Arens Avatar

    Why are we walking like this?

  8. Webrocker Avatar

    cool. I love how the expression changes when the pupils arre left out. the “badass” look in that last scan is great <3

  9. Gav Strange Avatar

    Love it dude, great work!!

  10. Thain Lurk Avatar

    Love the posters, nice style especially the hands.

  11. Chris Avatar

    This is great now James can I buy a Print copy of this?

  12. Mike Mai Avatar

    that is freaking amazing, i love jay and silent bob!

  13. Weh-Ming Avatar

    You, sir, are extremely talented and/or skilled.

  14. katie Avatar

    Heard Kevin Smith’s shout out to you for this poster on their podcast. This is really great!

  15. Tony C. Avatar

    Was looking back through the posts and the Kevin Smith posters really jumped out at me again. Just phenomenal!

    I can’t figure it out, is the airbrushing around the edges, the Illustrator grain effect on a gradient mesh, added after the fact in Photoshop or something else entirely?

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  16. Roc Maven Avatar

    This is an awesome poster. Great job. Cant wait to see Jay and silent bob at watseka theatre watseka illinios on march 30, 2012. I have my tickets. central illinois will never be the same.

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