Jay and Silent Bob: Colouring Contest Winner

The winner has been selected! It was a really tough decision given the stellar entries, but I couldn’t get past the smooth Letraset Marie-Michelle from Gatineau, Quebec. Lovely tones in there with a great cloud addition to the background. And there’s something about that bright red on the hockey stick, really sets everything off.

Congratulations Marie-Michelle! Send me your shipping address via email and I’ll get all your prizes shipped out asap!

Honourable Mentions!

Here are a few of the great entries I received. All of which I liked for different reasons. I also wanted to include the youngsters who got into the colouring as well. A real bunch of heroes, here we go …

• Adorable 4-year old Genevieve, real proud of her entry.
• A very leisurely 7-year-old Andrew, showing off this skills.
• Lianna rocked the TRON style! You know how much I like that action.
• 4-year-old Alex is getting to work!
• Some acrylic paints coming from Rob Michaud.

And also …

Here are a pair of entries that couldn’t make it into the ranks of judgment, but were darn good efforts all around.

• Nebraska's own Nick Evans comes in with some Photoshopped TRON action. Glows!
• Buffalo-correspondent Paul Pants threw it down hard. Check those shirts!

A big thanks to everyone who showed such enthusiasm for this little contest. I was thrilled to see so many people stepping away from their computers to do some old school colouring. Warms my heart. Well done, everyone.






3 responses to “Jay and Silent Bob: Colouring Contest Winner”

  1. Shelby Avatar

    The acrylic coloring by Rob Michaud followed by Paul Pants’ are my favorites here. Awesome job

  2. Paul Pants Avatar

    Congrats Marie-Michelle! Awesome work, really love how all of these turned out…

  3. Rob Michaud Avatar


    Thanks, Shelby. T’was fun. :) I only wish I’d had more time! :O I only found out about the contest the day before it closed, and had to hammer my entry out in the wee, wee hours of the morning, as I wasn’t sure exactly when in the morning entries would stop being accepted.

    That entry was a bit of a rush job for me, at two hours.

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