Live interview on DesignChat: Wrap-up

DesignChat interview with James White

For those who didn’t know, I did a live design discussion via DesignChat last night. Ryan from DesignChat and Mashable set up the video chat and things ran smooth and by the numbers, had a great time answering questions and watching viewers react in the little chat window. This is the first interview of this kind I’ve ever done and had a blast.

During the chat I cited some of my favorite designers and websites as inspirations, but because they flew by so fast, here is a little wrap-up of some websites to check out:

Nopattern: The colorful art of Chuck Anderson
Iso50: The visual work of Scott Hansen Computational and dynamic abstraction
Cole Rise: Brilliant photographer, lovely ambiance
Lucia Holm: Photographic self portrait extraordinaire
Robert Hodgin: Artistic Processing programmer
Roger Dean: Fantastic 1970s psychedelic painter
Laundrymat: Motion company who animated the VH1 campaign

If I forgot any links or artists that caught your interest, do let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list. Thanks again to everyone who tuned in, great time.






4 responses to “Live interview on DesignChat: Wrap-up”

  1. Wittevrongel Avatar

    Really inspiring talk yesterday, james! Thanks for the list. By the way, another artist that caught my attention when you talked about was Roger Dean!

  2. Pete Avatar

    Great job, James – it was an enjoyable chat!

  3. james Avatar

    Wittevrongel, thanks a lot! Had a blast giving shout-outs to all of my favorite stuff. It’s invigorating speaking to like-minded creative folks like yourself. And good call on the Roger Dean, I’ll update the list above momentarily.

    Pete, I really appreciate the opportunity and great set-up you guys at Mashable and DesignChat had to offer. Thanks so much :)

  4. jaxjay Avatar

    Thanks for letting us get to know you better, James! You’re an awesome graphic designer and I hope you will go on to do your freelance gig full-time one day. Agents and clients should be knocking on your door soon.

    Joshua Davis is one of my favs too. Met him in person once when he came to Vancouver to teach a seminar on exactly what he does with Flash and his art. Amazing! His personality is just like yours: comical and exuberant. Good luck w/e!

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