James in DT Platinum magazine

DT Platinum magazine

I got a copy of DT Platinum magazine in the mail yesterday, which includes an article entitled Los 21 Personajes del Siglo’, which (according to Babelfish) roughly translates into ‘The 21 People of the Century’. The article contains small articles of actors, directors, musicians, artists, sports stars and others.

Along with people like Jack Dorsey (Cofounder of Twitter), Alejandro Amenabar, Jay-Z, Ben Foster, Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys frontman) and Raphael Nadal, they included me in the article as well. Pretty big honor.

It’s all in spanish, so I have no idea what they wrote about me :) Here is a larger version of the page if you want to check out my little write-up.






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  1. Nick Alexander Avatar

    I don’t know what it says either but it can’t be bad. :P congrats man.

  2. Rachelle Goguen Avatar

    That is totally insane and awesome!

  3. szy Avatar

    I’ll try and translate (pardon my crappy english):

    Every artist has a style and identity signs. James White style is unique and close. “I think people like my work because they find in it things to relate to”, told us James. His works are caracterized by a wide colour palette, retrofuturistic air and lots and lots of originality.

    Why do we like it. Because his creations are different from the rest and he told us [SCOOP HERE].


    [SCOOP HERE] means there a couple of phrases that I’m not sure that you wanna have them translated yet. They mention something about your latest posts on “signalnoise oddisey” :) Let me know if you want me to translate them anyway.

  4. Scott Avatar

    Toys and t-shirts? I cant wait for a signal noise T!

  5. John Avatar

    Congratulations! That’s pretty damn cool.

  6. Joël LeLièvre Avatar

    Congratulations mano! A few cervezas are in tall order I believe. :)

  7. james Avatar

    Thanks a lot, all!

    Szy, I really appreciate the translation help, thanks so much for taking the time to type it up for me and others. That’s very considerate of you to add the scoop, but there isn’t anything in the DT article that I haven’t already talked about here to some extent :)

  8. szy Avatar

    Ok, so here’s the rest:

    …and he told us in advance he is launching a toy line inspired on 80s cartoons and another one of 70s t-shirts. We wanna be the first to get them!

    Needless to say, I wanna get them too :D. Kudos for the article.

  9. james Avatar

    Szy, once again, thanks a lot for the translation! Very nice of you to take the time.

  10. Daan Avatar

    Oh this is so nice! Congratulations!

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