Signalnoise Tutorial in Computer Arts #156

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  1. Vegazvegaz, it will be up to Computer Arts if they put this tutorial online. So you will have to purchase the magazine to see it.

  2. Congratulations. That’s quite an accomplishment, and you should be proud that all your hard work and loyalty to your other company is paying off. Enjoy it, man!

  3. Damn, nice. It’s too bad that the other 99% of CA sucks. I may make an exception for this and buy the mag for your tutorial. Grats man.

  4. Now if only I can find a store that carries CA where I live… So far, 5 stores, 4 don’t carry the Mag, 1 carries but doesn’t have new issue.

  5. Ryan,

    Keep in mind that CA is published in the UK. We’ll get this issue in the USA a month after it’s released over there. The same goes for Advanced Photoshop.

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