Jackson 1984

Michael Jackson

I posted this in smaller form in a recent post, but here is a more focused version. Felt it appropriate, a memory of getting this sticker in a box of Corn Flakes back in 1984.

I added the Oreo cookie a short while later.

I had a silver glove when I was 7 years old and wore it everywhere.






6 responses to “Jackson 1984”

  1. Peter Nudo Avatar

    This is awesome

  2. Kev Gilmour Avatar

    That picture is the era of Jackson most of us will prefer to remember him, James.

    MJ was such a hero to anyone brought up in the 80’s, I can’t believe he’s dead. It’s so like Elvis it’s creepy.

    A sad ending for a strange, wacky but gifted man.

  3. KingSizeStar Avatar

    I agree he’s awesome…
    He was an icon… what I wanted to become when I was growing up…
    His music… His dancing…

    Now I’m sad cuz he’s gone… And he takes with him a part of my life…

    RIP King Of Pop…

  4. J. Roveda Jr. Avatar
    J. Roveda Jr.

    “And when the groove is dead and gone (yeah) / You know that love survives / So we can rock forever, on…” – can’t stop listening to it.

  5. Ray Avatar

    May he rest in peace.

  6. kenny Avatar

    Not meant to sound insensitive but…it may be worth something now.
    RIP MJ

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