Introducing GUM CARDS!

Back in the 80s, my friends and I were collectors. You name it, we collected it. Robots in disguise, anything in camo and all that action figures turned cartoon kind of stuff. Of these kid collectibles, one was a constant around the playground, cheap pieces of cardboard depicting a generation’s favourite movie characters, cartoon heroes and then scary monsters. Bubblegum cards. We would trade with one another to build our sets, bragging when we got that rare one nobody else had.

GUM CARDS is an ever-expanding set of limited edition, screen-printed trading cards focused on artists and designers who are rocking our creative industry and, in my humble fan opinion, deserve their own trading card.

Each GUM CARD is a limited edition release of 250 plus 50 colour variants, hand-signed and numbered by me for authenticity. All GUM CARDS are screen-printed on double-thick, French Muscle-Tone Black 140lb. cover stock by the amazing crew at Mama’s Sauce in Orlando, Florida. Thick stock and bright inks. Heavy duty stuff. Bam!

I’m super pleased to announce the first two cards of the series featuring a couple of my favorite people in the industry: Aaron James Draplin of the Draplin Design Company in Portland OR and Johnny Earle AKA Johnny Cupcakes from Boston MA.

All GUM CARDS orders will be shipped in custom packaging I’ve designed myself. For added protection, each card will be inside individual plastic sleeves so no scratches happen in transit to your collection. On top of that I will be supplying some extra goodies like stickers, buttons, and of course gum.

Helping GUM CARDS get funding

Head on over to the GUM CARDS Indiegogo page to check out some more goodies and details on how you can support the GUM CARDS project. There will be some exciting announcements in the coming weeks so be sure to stop by the official GUM CARDS website and follow GUM CARDS on Twitter.

Help Spread the Word

If you want to lend a hand but can’t do so through funding, there are other ways that will help spread the word on the GUM CARDS project. Every little bit counts. Here are a few:

• Twitter: Send out a tweet about the GUM CARDS project. You can also follow the project at @GumCards.
• Facebook: Drop by the GUM CARDS Facebook page and click that ‘Like’ button.

This is my first crowd-sourcing endeavour so I really don’t know what to expect. Might work, might not. But if we manage to get this thing funded and wrangle the necessary interest from you nerdy design collectors out there, then the future is bright. My plan is to release a couple of cards every month adding new top creative people to the roster, and I’ve already thought up several super fun “accompanying products” to the GUM CARDS brand. In short, this is just the beginning of the adventure.






7 responses to “Introducing GUM CARDS!”

  1. Simon H. Avatar

    Fuck yeah. Gum cards, by nerds, for nerds.

  2. Sebastian Andaur Avatar

    Amazing project James, really awesome idea and as pretty much always nice execution, hope all can go fine man !

  3. Joey Bergeron Avatar
    Joey Bergeron

    Simply Awesome!

  4. Marie Strang Avatar
    Marie Strang

    Great design on these cards but do designers really need more ego-pumping?? How about cards for developers? LOL!!

  5. Dave Avatar

    Great concept! I can’t wait to see who the other three cards feature. Scott Hansen? Olly Moss? James White?

    (You gotta put one of your self in there… even if it’s a number “0” card, or something)

  6. james Avatar

    Thanks so much for the support everyone.

    Marie, being a designer I don’t know many developers, especially the respected ones in the industry. I gotta stick with what I know. :)

    Dave, mine would need scratch n’ sniff ink and smell like a foot.

  7. r.dupre Avatar

    Well yeah, this rules! Obviously.

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