Interview on FunkYou

Interview on FunkYou

Stefan Lucut and Eduard Muresan have launched their design portal and online community entitled FunkYou, which serves as a platform for experimental graphic design and will lead to a publication showcasing modern cutting-edge work. To coincide with their launch, they included an interview where they speak with me about some of my processes, inspirations, etc.

You can check out the interview on FunkYou right here.

I have been very busy working on some exciting freelance work over the past month and will be uploading some of those projects very soon. There has also been some tweaking going on with as I work to phase in my new identity, so please bear with me if you notice any minor glitches.






2 responses to “Interview on FunkYou”

  1. VpG Avatar

    Excellent interview, received a positive charge emotions, with the share of humor:)

  2. Corrine Avatar

    Great interview. I loved the answer to your “Why is your hair turning gray?” question, got a kick out of that.

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