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  1. Thanks a lot, everyone.

    Angel, that Star Trek Motion Picture poster is a huge influence on my work. Bob Peak is the man :)

  2. Hey, James…have you ever heard of Hans Donner? He’s an Austrian designer who lives in Brazil. He has been working for Brazil’s biggest TV network and his “oeuvre” features a lot of prismatic colors as well. I think you should take a look at.

  3. Ah, your a metal guy? Awesome! \m/

    Congrats on the interview. And yes it does look like the Star Trek poster, which makes it even more awesome :) I respect your work very much.


  4. It looks very familiar to your work … its a great inspiration! I should save it to my personal collection … By the way, let me apologize for not sending the poster I promised you. I can’t find a place to print 18 x 24!!! aaaah! It’s killing me!!! … Blessings!

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