Interview on Boing Boing Gadgets

James White portrait

The super guys behind the mighty Boing Boing just posted an interview with me on their Gadgets site, where I talk about some of my inspirations, artwork and other things. You can check it out right here.

They asked me to create a spectral portrait to post with the interview, so I built the image you see above. Yep, that’s me in there, but I wanted to mention the image was created using the Signalnoise Source PSD as a starting point. Just one example of how the layers can be expanded upon :)






7 responses to “Interview on Boing Boing Gadgets”

  1. J. Roveda Jr. Avatar
    J. Roveda Jr.

    Hey, congratulations for the interview! Your work is awesome.

  2. Mbithi Masya Avatar

    Congratulations! Keep it going!Nice pic by the way.

  3. Angel Avatar

    for an instance it looks like Star trek movie poster!… Great!!! (about your interview!) Blessings!

  4. james Avatar

    Thanks a lot, everyone.

    Angel, that Star Trek Motion Picture poster is a huge influence on my work. Bob Peak is the man :)

  5. J. Roveda Jr. Avatar
    J. Roveda Jr.

    Hey, James…have you ever heard of Hans Donner? He’s an Austrian designer who lives in Brazil. He has been working for Brazil’s biggest TV network and his “oeuvre” features a lot of prismatic colors as well. I think you should take a look at.

  6. Kevin W Avatar

    Ah, your a metal guy? Awesome! \m/

    Congrats on the interview. And yes it does look like the Star Trek poster, which makes it even more awesome :) I respect your work very much.


  7. Angel Avatar

    It looks very familiar to your work … its a great inspiration! I should save it to my personal collection … By the way, let me apologize for not sending the poster I promised you. I can’t find a place to print 18 x 24!!! aaaah! It’s killing me!!! … Blessings!

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