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  1. This is to save you further embarrassment, not to humiliate you, but it’s “chock” full, not “chalk” full. Feel free to use that in future.

    Okay, that last bit was a tad to humiliate . . .

  2. I have “CD-art” and love it. Great book. I’ll definitely be checking out the others now; thanks for the rec’s! :)

  3. The Art of the Band T-shirt? I must say you have a very unfair advantage when it comes to inspiration for our Kyuss shirts.

  4. Ryan, even though I can claim it was more for the cool 70s rock design inspiration, you still know how I love an unfair advantage :)

  5. Pedro, it really is a visual feast. The cosmic photos at the end are a never-ending resource of unique color palettes and patterns.

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