Inspirational design books

Design books

I made my way out the the local Chapters today on the prowl for some inspirational design books and struck some gold. I purchased some books chalk full of fantastic stuff that design nerds like me would be all over. Shown above are:

History of the Poster by Josef & Shizuko Müller-Brockmann
Heaven and Earth by David Malin & Katherine Roucoux
Typographic Systems by Kimberly Elam
The Art of the Band T-shirt by Amber Easby & Henry Oliver
CD-art by Charlotte Rivers






7 responses to “Inspirational design books”

  1. Ben, from before Avatar

    This is to save you further embarrassment, not to humiliate you, but it’s “chock” full, not “chalk” full. Feel free to use that in future.

    Okay, that last bit was a tad to humiliate . . .

  2. Matt Avatar

    I have “CD-art” and love it. Great book. I’ll definitely be checking out the others now; thanks for the rec’s! :)

  3. Ryan Avatar

    The Art of the Band T-shirt? I must say you have a very unfair advantage when it comes to inspiration for our Kyuss shirts.

  4. james Avatar

    Ryan, even though I can claim it was more for the cool 70s rock design inspiration, you still know how I love an unfair advantage :)

  5. Pedro Kümmel Alves Avatar

    I have the HEAVEN and EARTH UnSEEN BY THE NAKED EYE. The images of this book are awesome, so inspirational!

  6. james Avatar

    Pedro, it really is a visual feast. The cosmic photos at the end are a never-ending resource of unique color palettes and patterns.

  7. Andy Henry Avatar

    What an excellent blog, I’ve added your feed to my RSS reader. :-)

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