Inspiration: Tape cassette inserts

Tape cassette insert

Tape cassette insert

Tape cassette insert

My pal Loukas brought this fantastic Flickr set to my attention today. Jubru on Flickr has scanned and uploaded a bunch of oldschool cassette inserts by BASF, Scotch, Memorex and many more. Lots of great examples of bold linework and oversized typography, and looks like Avante Guarde was the typeface choice of tape insert designers.

Check out the Tape cassette insert stream for the full selection.






3 responses to “Inspiration: Tape cassette inserts”

  1. Neil Martin Avatar

    There’s something about those that work really well.

  2. Daniel Avatar

    Wow, thanks for mentioning this. I also really like to look of his portfolio. It’s amazing!! And the other pictures on his flickr are also worth to look at.

    Thanks man. Another flickr-page I’ll visit soon. (makes me wanna go buy a PRO account…haha)

    I hope all is well!

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