Inspiration: Scott Hansen and ISO50


Scott Hansen, the mighty ISO50, has been a constant source of inspiration for some time now. Hansen has a unique design sensibility drawing on cues from the past which make each of his works fresh yet somehow familiar. His mixture of photographic elements, typography, pattern and color treatment make each of his pieces instantly iconic and timeless.

Not only is Hansen a designer, but also a recording artist under the moniker Tycho.

ISO50 as a website serves as a stream of fresh inspirational materials he photographs and finds online, and generates dialogue with its readers about the origins of specific design pieces from the past and present. It’s a wonderful resource.

Being a designer with a hefty portfolio and consistent style, a packed online store with beautiful products, a constantly updated blog and a recording artist makes even Hansen’s work ethic a huge inspiration. If you haven’t seen his work, head to now.






2 responses to “Inspiration: Scott Hansen and ISO50”

  1. Eugene Khan Avatar

    Yeah! Great designer and at the same time talented musician.. That’s awesome.

  2. ferdinand Avatar

    I am a regular reader and I have to agree with you 100%. Scott Hansen is simply out of this world and an endless source of inspiration. I wish I’d reach his level of creativity and skills some time.

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