Inspiration: Science fiction covers

Science fiction book covers

Here is a wonderful Flickr set of science fiction book scans, full of beautiful space-aged illustration, photography and design. Most of which look to be from the 70s and early 80s. I had a hard time selecting which ones to show here because they are all so vastly different in their on ways, most of which really make me miss painting.

Thanks to Martin Isaac for posting this great collection.






4 responses to “Inspiration: Science fiction covers”

  1. rachel Avatar

    these are great (and totally nerdy)! thanks for posting.

  2. Paul Johns Avatar
    Paul Johns

    I like the artwork for Fahrenheit 451, and I like the artwork AND font on the Asimov titles. Cool!

  3. Guy Avatar

    Check out some of Roger Dean’s album artwork for the band “Yes”… awesome sci-fi imagery.

  4. kris Avatar

    cool post dude

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