Inspiration: Roger Dean

Roger Dean

Roger Dean

Roger Dean

Roger Dean

The beautiful other-worldly paintings of Roger Dean. I’ve always been a fan of science fiction styles mostly in the form of television shows and movies, and I’ve been researching quite a lot of 70s style artwork from the genre lately. Roger Dean’s work is simply wonderful, naturalistic yet space-aged at the same time with a heavy atmosphere.

Check out Roger Dean’s website, and subsequently, Sci-Fi-O-Rama has a huge backlog of stellar science fiction artwork.






5 responses to “Inspiration: Roger Dean”

  1. Kieran Avatar

    cheers for the plug ;-)

    I’ve seen your personal work before BTW, excellent stuff

  2. james Avatar

    My pleasure, Kieran. I’ve been enjoying going through your website, especially since you break up your posts by artist. You have an excellent resource going :)

  3. Ethan Avatar

    I remember that my dad had a big book of fantasy illustration that featured a ton of his work. I used to love looking through when I was a kid, between probably 9 to 12 years old… And a ton of old Heavy Metal magazines from the late 70’s and early 80’s that I would read when my mom wasn’t looking :) I just came to the realization very recently how big an influence that stuff was, and I wish I still had those books.

  4. Kieran Avatar

    Hey James I presumed you checked out all the Psygnosis Roger Dean Art I have featured – I wonder, as a Canadian had you seen that stuff before? As I thought Amiga/St Games from 80’s early 90’s weren’t really much of a North American thing…. have linked to your site BTW… superb Graphic Art style you have

  5. LG Avatar

    Oh, man…boy you hit me right in the kisser with this! I just discovered your site and your work which is amazing but here you’ve got examples of Roger Dean and I’m all of a flutter. (-.-) I have two books of his, Views and Magnetic Storm. If you don’t have ’em…get ’em. He’s just an awesome artist and architect/designer. If you get a chance, check out some of my other favs: Rodney Matthews, Robert Venosa and Richard Powers. Thank you!

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