Inspiration: Rocketship Tours

Steve Thomas Rocketship Tours

Being a fan of 1930s travel posters and outer space, I was thrilled to come across these excellent posters by illustrator Steve Thomas. Beautifully crafted and honest to the vintage style. I couldn’t find the full set of posters on his site, but check out his post on for some larger versions.






3 responses to “Inspiration: Rocketship Tours”

  1. Paul Avatar

    It was one of the best times for commercial graphic artists. Travel posters globally had a very prescribed style, but it was a great look.

    Not the best site, but a huge collection of PanAm travel posters.

    Now if I could only find that bookmark to New Zealand Travel posters, there are some gems in there from this side of the world.

    Another cool post, cheers.

    for more inspiration I’m guessing you know about the blog of the book Cartoon Modern ( – sorry off topic a little

  2. Chris Avatar

    Reminds me of the kind of stuff that Jon Hicks is in to. You can see this specifically in his design for the Rissington Podcast

  3. Darren Avatar

    Great finds! These really do capture such a sense of wonder and idealism. Great blend, and great style.

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