Inspiration: Robert Hodgin

Robert Hodgin

Robert Hodgin


Robert Hodgin

I’ve been following the work of Robert Hodgin since way back in 2001 when he was known only as Flight404. He was part of the Flash art movement, creating wonderful moving and interactive Flash pieces generated with programming.

He has since moved to other languages, including Processing, and I wanted to showcase a few of his newer excellent Flickr uploads. Here is what he says about the images above:

“What you see are 20,000 particles being pulled by a combination of gravitational forces and orbital forces. Spread throughout are a dozen or so orbital fields which cause the particles to travel in curves throughout the space. All of the fields are placed manually with mouse clicks. Runs in realtime.”

Yep, these pieces were made with 100% code, I’ve always been fascinated and bewildered by his work. If you want to see more of Robert’s work check out his Flickr stream as well as his website, Flight404.

iTunes by Robert Hodgin

PS. You know the super-cool new Visualizer packed with iTunes? Robert made that too :)






9 responses to “Inspiration: Robert Hodgin”

  1. Dusan Vlahovic Avatar

    It’s amazing that’s made of code, it reminded me of Electric Sheep. Nice artwork, will sure follow him.

  2. Kevin Avatar

    One of my friends is real into processing (I’m still learning it). He’s done some stuff inspired by Hodgin.

  3. Dragos M Avatar

    I’m always fascinated to see the work of the “old school” and how good and modern it still is…

  4. Karinne Avatar

    Oh wow! Those are simply amazing and…. funky. One of those would look great in large print… and on a wall ;)

    Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Adam Avatar

    Nice, some interesting work for sure.

  6. David Avatar

    Hey James! Sorry for the lack of my answers, but I check the site every day.
    I saw “Munich” and “Varo Special Presentation” here in Argentina, in a commercial in a subway last monday! I immediately noticed it because I’d recognize the work of my favorite designer anywhere.
    I hope to find someone who could translate me to explain it in detail.

  7. james Avatar

    Kevin, I’m always floored when people can create wonderful art and motion strictly with code, and you’re pal is no exception :) Great work.

    Dragos, you’re so right. There are a few guys still around that I’ve been following for 10 years and they’re still banging out fantastic work. Their body of work remains top-notch.

    David, you saw my posters in an advertisement in Argentina? That’s rather odd. Yes, if you find any more information do let me know. Thanks for the heads up :)

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