Inspiration: Robert Hodgin

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  1. Oh wow! Those are simply amazing and…. funky. One of those would look great in large print… and on a wall ;)

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Hey James! Sorry for the lack of my answers, but I check the site every day.
    I saw “Munich” and “Varo Special Presentation” here in Argentina, in a commercial in a subway last monday! I immediately noticed it because I’d recognize the work of my favorite designer anywhere.
    I hope to find someone who could translate me to explain it in detail.

  3. Kevin, I’m always floored when people can create wonderful art and motion strictly with code, and you’re pal is no exception :) Great work.

    Dragos, you’re so right. There are a few guys still around that I’ve been following for 10 years and they’re still banging out fantastic work. Their body of work remains top-notch.

    David, you saw my posters in an advertisement in Argentina? That’s rather odd. Yes, if you find any more information do let me know. Thanks for the heads up :)

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