Inspiration: Retro-Futurismus





Here is some vintage science fiction inspiration coming from Germany. Retro-Futurismus concentrates on illustrations from German science and technology publications from the early 1970s. The site is broken up by artists, including Klaus Bürgle, Erik Theodor Lässig, Günter Radtke and more.

“The main motivation of our project is to demonstrate to readers from Germany & Austria the wealth of visionary thinking in these countries during the past.”

Brilliant forward-thinking conceptuals. Check out Retro-Futurismus for more.






2 responses to “Inspiration: Retro-Futurismus”

  1. Clint Avatar

    There is something i love about retro-futureisms. It’s like looking at old pictures of tomorrowland at disneyland in the 50’s. just great.

    here’s some movie poster loving for you:

    the 5th poster from the bottom is your next tribute piece btw. Rollerball! classic.

  2. james Avatar

    Clint, I coincidentally just came across that same post earlier today :) I’m a huge fan of the Rollerball poster, as well as Death Race 2000, Zardoz, and The Shape of Things to Come. Great stuff.

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