Inspiration: Retro computers

Retro systems: James White

I never really stopped being a kid when it comes to video games. I mentioned in an earlier inspiration post that my first real experience with video games came with the Atari 2600, but I also got great exposure to the new home entertainment systems through my family and friends while growing up. My parents purchased a TI99 (Texas Intruments) in the very early 80s and my father acquired a bunch of cassette tapes full of primitive games.

My art is very much being inspired by these childhood memories, so I started looking around online for older computer and gaming systems from the dawn of that era and stumbled upon this forum post. It’s in Spanish I believe, and it’s a long load, but someone did a wonderful job of gathering a huge amount of images of old systems with their names. I’ve never heard of most of these, nor understand how they were played, but they are packed with amazing retro designs probably pretty advanced for their time.

Great stuff, you can check it out right here. There is also a big database of retro computers organized by date and name at






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  1. victor brunetti Avatar

    Hey great work! This book might be helpful in your hunt for retro computing inspiration. Its a great design book to keep in the studio:


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