Inspiration: Print & Pattern

Print and Pattern

I have been a bit slow for posting over the past little while as I continue to finish up some freelance work, but things will pick up soon enough.

In the meantime, I came across Print and Pattern a few weeks ago and the blog has become one of my current favorites.  In the words of the writer, “this is a website that celebrates the world of surface pattern design” and it does not disappoint. Print and Pattern is full of inspiring images taken from the web and photographs that showcase bright and colorful pattern design. It is broken up into different genres, such as ceramic, fabric, wallpaper, etc.

Check out Print and Pattern for some wonderful examples of modern and beautiful surface design.






4 responses to “Inspiration: Print & Pattern”

  1. Grant Friedman Avatar

    I agree. This is a cool website!

  2. Fubiz Avatar

    Lovely Patterns

  3. Paul Johns Avatar

    The bottom right one looks like the NBC peacock. It makes sense that that one would resonate with you, I know how you like television network logos. :)

  4. tapeworm in dogs Avatar

    Great Blog I love the lay out and the color scheme is it possible to get a copy of your theme? Please send me an email at

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