Inspiration: Polish movie posters

Polish movie posters

A beautiful gallery of movie posters, mostly Polish but including some Czech and Cuban designs as well as a few by Saul Bass. Brilliant ideas and conceptual throughout these designs.

It must have been amazing to work in the industry around this time (1940s) when the hand drawn movie poster was the norm, and artists relied on symbolism to represent the themes of the film. Unlike today when all you need is a big shot of Tom Cruise’s head to make a few million.






2 responses to “Inspiration: Polish movie posters”

  1. monica Avatar

    wow, these are totally cool. the modern movie posters (working girl with harrison ford) are cool to see. they’re abstract and intriguing. the poster for Hitchcock’s Vertigo looks so much scarier than the movie really is!! I like the humor in the Young Frankenstein. The Sex lies and videotape one is bizarre (is she holding an umbrella?)

    anyways, thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. Paul Johns Avatar
    Paul Johns

    My favorite is the 1939 poster. I like the bold colors and bold font accentuated by the font distortion.

    Ok, now I’m going to make a joke, ready?

    “Medea? I LOVE Tyler Perry!”

    Hope you enjoyed it!

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