Inspiration: Philip Suffren

Philip Suffren

Two striking poster designs by Philip Suffren came across the Ffffound stream today. Lovely simple aesthetics with loads of texture and unconventional type treatment. I’m not sure what style these fit, could be propaganda posters from 1950s science fiction. Wonderful stuff.






4 responses to “Inspiration: Philip Suffren”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    I used to be in a blogging community with Philip, he’s a real sharp kid, good eye for simplicity as well.

  2. james Avatar

    Kevin, that’s great to hear and thanks for the note. These posters caught me off guard when I came across them, they have an eerie simplicity and a style I can’t quite figure out. They seem modern, yet vintage somehow. Wonderful designs.

  3. Philip Suffren Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words, I’m a big fan of yours so this is an honour!

  4. james Avatar

    My pleasure, Philip. Thanks for the note :)

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