Inspiration: Mitch Ansara’s book covers




One of my Flickr pals Mitch Ansara, known by the moniker Spacesick has recently been designing some smashing ‘I Can Read’ book covers for popular movies. Mitch has an incredible talent for watering down the movies’ concept into a simple and symbolic illustration, executing these covers in a 60s or 70s style. Very slick stuff. I selected my favorites, but check out his Flickr stream for the full run.

I’ve been following Mitch’s hilarious Flickr stream for about a year now and he never ceases to post quality and comedic work. He has an array of styles, including designs and illustrations, all of which rock a fun ‘Saturday morning cartoon’ emotion.

Check out the Spacesick Flickr stream as well as his personal blog for more.






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  1. Melody Avatar

    Thanks for pointing those out! I love them!

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