Inspiration: Mike Mignola’s Hellboy

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  1. Yeah these are great, he did an amazing quick sketch for my brother at a comic fair in the UK.

  2. Looks like I have some weekend reading to do. Thanks for the suggestion James! I find your thoughts on pacing particularly engaging, and can’t wait to check this out!

  3. Mignola is a damn genius. Sinister stillness, ink and shadow in every panel… I still can’t forget the panel of a frog-monster cradling its dying mother in its arms (Plague of Frogs, maybe?). It was tragic that the live action movies reduced his aesthetic to the fabricated, shiny plastic production design of an X-Men movie.

    You mention Sin City – I think Frank Miller’s use of minimalist composition, especially in Vol. 1 (The Hard Goodbye) is the only comic art that rivals Mignola’s. I now want to go back and read all those Hellboy collections I’ve missed. Thanks a lot, there, SignalNoise.

  4. Take the time to draw diagonal lines from corner to corner of a panel or even the whole page. You will see just how much care goes into Mike’s compositions and the structure that underlies it. Brilliant craftsmanship.

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