Inspiration: Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes

My good pal Mike Holmes from here in Halifax recently started up a stream on Flickr, showcasing some of his illustrative poster work and his two weekly comic strips This American Drive and True Story.

Last year he was published by Oni Press with the 160-page graphic novel Shenanigans (written by Ian Shaughnessy) which he pencilled, inked, gray scaled and lettered. He also developed and shot this innovative music video for the song Tonight Tonite by the Superfantastics, inspired by the Sesame Street’s teeny little super guy.

In short, Holmes is a creative machine and if you haven’t heard of him, you will.






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  1. Roy McPhee Avatar
    Roy McPhee

    My daughter has an incredible imagination and expresses it by drawing for hours each day. She sketches comic strips and I could scan and send some for your viewing. My problem is I don’t know where to point her with her artistic side though I do promote it. She is 14 years old. What to do ?

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